Increase your Sales Results by Recognising Communication Styles

Did you realise that a simple communication breakdown of not matching the communication style of your prospect could cause you to lose that sale! You are throwing money away into a cash-furnace!

Imagine this – You have 4 prospects today. One likes a more direct, ‘to the point’ conversation; one wants a more social chat; one needs to be able feel like you relate to them; and one needs the detail, a more analytical conversation. You communicate with all four prospects in the style you are most comfortable with, let’s say you get straight to the point. What will your typical sales result look like for the day? Research tells us that by not matching the communication style of your prospect you will lose 3 of the 4 sales. If each sale is worth $1000 that is $3000 lost! Imagine if each sales was worth $10,000!!!!

How can you stop this from happening to you?

A key sales skill-set is the ability to understand different behavioural styles and learn how to adapt to build solid and positive relationships. At FocalPoint Coaching we use the industry leading TTI Success Insights® DISC profiling tool to teach our clients this invaluable skill.

This is a crucial tool for you in becoming a more effective sales person and communicator because it explains the basic communication tendencies that are present in all people throughout the world. To communicate more effectively, we first need to be aware of our own communication style, secondly we need to be able to recognise others’ style, and thirdly we need to know how to adapt our style to work with others more effectively.

We want you to start to increase your sales results immediately by simply being able to recognise the 4 most common communication styles of your prospects.

Download the PDF /userfiles/File/DISC Recognising Styles Clue Sheet.pdf and start practicing now!

Do You Want to Increase Your Sales Results by 300% now?

If you would like to increase your sales results and revenue by as much as 300% then click on my Calendly link to organise your personalised sales communication styles profile - . You will get a personalised profile that identifies your preferred communication style and 4 personalised coaching session to help you learn to master matching the communication styles of all of your potential prospects.

Don’t burn up any future sales revenue because of simple communication error!


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